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Emergency Lighting Software

ARGOHub delivers powerful control, management and fault reporting of emergency lighting systems – plus secure data storage – across one or more sites.

ARGOHub emergency lighting software dashboard mockup

Robust, powerful & totally secure

ARGOHub was developed in response to an urgent market need for secure, robust emergency lighting reporting solutions by award-winning Abtec Building Technologies (Abtec BT). A software as a service (SaaS) offering, ARGOHub is easy to use, control and test. It will enhance overall building safety and bring peace of mind to building owners, operators and users everywhere.

Eyes open, everywhere

ARGOHub’s easy-to-use GUI allows building managers to maintain a close watch on system performance and respond quickly to actual or potential faults. ARGOHub can also be integrated with Google Maps to provide location-based monitoring worldwide.

ARGOHub emergency lighting software floor plan mockup
Emergency lighting control systems for high rise buildings in the UK
Maximum reassurance

In the event of a fire or other building-compromising event, secure on-premise management of data is reinforced by storage in Abtec’s own cloud platform.

Open standards

The KNX protocol can be used to configure groups of actuators, sensors and system devices. Individual groups are monitored and controlled via DALI.

Totally flexible

Building managers and other end-users can activate, deactivate and display different HVAC, metering and lighting control layers as additions to the software if required.

Industry standards

Fully supportive current industry standards, ARGOHub can be tested in accordance with BS EN 50172:2004/BS 5266-1:2016.

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Do you fully understand your responsibilities in terms of emergency light testing? Are you clear on how your testing data is stored? What happens to your test data in the event of a fire? We explain all.